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4 Times My Hypochondria Made Me Do Crazy Things

YourTango - Dec 30, 2016
“OMG I have the sniffles, maybe I have the flu! LOL I'm such a hypochondriac!” OK, this, is NOT what being a hypochondriac is all about. The word, HYPOCHONDRIA is thrown around like a hacky sack these days, but most people can't actually answer the ...

18 Things All Hypochondriacs Can Relate To

BuzzFeed News - Dec 3, 2016
[Editor's Note: Illness anxiety disorder, more commonly known as hypochondria or health anxiety, is characterized by constantly worrying that you might be seriously ill. It may or may not occur along with physical symptoms, and it leads to significant ...

Track By Track: Mantra

Upset Magazine - Jan 12, 2017
Hypochondria came from a summery ukulele chord, that evolved into this weird funky riff. It's really fun to play live. This is my synth debut. I guess this song is about being told that everything is alright while someone stabs you in the back ...

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Towards a Psychosomatic Conception of Hypochondria: The Impeded Thought


NEW A Condition of Doubt: The Meanings of Hypochondria by Catherine Belling


Towards a Psychosomatic Conception of Hypochondria by Martine Derzelle Paperback


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The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You: A Guide to Self-Diagnosis for Hypochondriacs

Hypochondriacs have long had to satisfy their needs for self-diagnosis with medical reference materials written for the masses, but this revolutionary book is dedicated entirely to the hypochondriac's unique perspective on health. With over 300 deadly diseases profiled, conveniently organized by symptom (real or imagined), even the mildest hypochondriac's fantasy life will be ignited. We're all going to die of something why not choose an ailment that's rare and hard to pronounce?
  • Perfect for friends who complain a lot.
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    The Hypochondriac's Pocket Guide to Horrible Diseases You Probably Already Have

    by: Dennis DiClaudio

    The good news: you won't stop laughing. The bad news: Every word is true.

    Profiling fifty of the most disgusting, painful, life-threatening and otherwise icky diseases, this remarkable book is the perfect treat for the closet temperature-taker, speed-dialing doctor stalker, or tissue-wielding virus-phobe in all of us. Each disease is fully documented, including a checklist of symptoms, an overview, treatment, prognosis, and―for the rare cases in which the reader is not yet infected―notes on prevention.
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    Hypochondriasis and Health Anxiety, in the series Advances in Psychotherapy, Evidence Based Practice

    by: Jonathan Abramowitz, Autumn Braddock
    An essential resource for anyone providing services for individuals with somatoform or anxiety disorders
    Cognitive-behavioral therapy is now the treatment of choice for individuals with health anxiety and related problems. The latest research shows that it results in reductions in health-related worries, reassurance-seeking behavior, and phobic avoidance, as well as increases in life satisfaction and everyday functioning.
    This compact, easy to understand book by experts Jonathan S. Abramowitz and Autumn E.
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    Hypochondria vs. Cyberchondria Medical Course

    For Educational Use Only - Fair Use - The Doctors discuss hypochondria and self-diagnosing your systems from information on the internet.rn.


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    What is Hypochondria? (Mental Health Guru)

    Hypochondriacs worry and fear that they are seriously ill, despite all contradicting medical evaluations and assurances. http://mental.healthguru.com/

    Hypochondria: Treatment Tactics

    Dr. Jon LaPook talks with Dr. William Fischer about how to treat hypochondria.


    A common problem with Health Anxiety is convincing yourself you have cancer or another serious illness.